WP4 – Breeding & Farming

Leader BCROP, co-leader CSIC. Other partners involved: NOS, RSR, GZPK, JHI, UNICT, FIBL, ATK, WUR, ITAB, UVIC, CYBI AUTH, APRI, URJC, UPC.

Task 4.1- Generate selection toolboxes for each flagship crop for use of CWRs in breeding activities

Task 4.2 – Implement CWR genetic resources and tools for their use in (pre-)breeding programmes of the five flagship crops across Europe

Task 4.3 – Establish pilots across Europe for CWR-based participatory breeding and CWR use for diversified farming systems

Pierre Hohmann (BCROP) – pierre@bonaplanta.eu
Diego Rubiales (CSIC) – diego.rubiales@ias.csic.es