WP3 – Characterisation

Leader UCP, co-leader WUR. Other partners involved: URJC, CRAG, UVIC, UNICT, TAK, BCROP, CYBI, GZPK, CSIC, NOS, APRI, JHI, ATK, FIBL, RSR, IPK.

  •  Characterize CWRs and CWR-related breeding populations phenotypically for priority traits related to abiotic and biotic stress tolerance, important emerging nutritional and health properties, crop management and other agronomic properties.
  •  Investigate the role of CWR-associated diversity of microbiota (seed and plant) to develop new microbe-assisted selection tools.
  • Characterize the flagship CWRs genetically and genomically

Task 3.1 – Assessing CWR biotic and abiotic stress resilience.

Task 3.2 Characterizing CWR benefits in crop management

Task 3.3 – Bioprospecting the nutritional and health value of CWRs

Task 3.4 Unravel the genetic basis of valuable CWR functional traits, including the CWR ecotype

Task 3.5 – Exploring the microbiome as a tool to enhance crop performance predictions


Marta Vasconcelos (UCP) – mvasconcelos@ucp.pt
Rick van de Zedde (WUR) – rick.vandezedde@wur.nl