WP6 – Communication, Dissemination, Exploitation & Training

Leader RSR, co-leader APRI. Other partners involved: UCP, ITAB, FB, and with the contributions of all partners.

  • Produce a communication and dissemination platform for effective knowledge exchange and ensure project profile and visibility.

  • To ensure the optimal use and impact of the project results through a series of targeted and generic dissemination, training and exploitation activities throughout the project and develop close links with stakeholders.

  • Organise an EU-wide meeting Let’s Liberate Diversity for dissemination and sharing COUSIN outcomes and practices with a large international audience.

Task 6.1 – Plan for the Exploitation, Dissemination and Communication of Results.

Task 6.2 – Communication and dissemination of key messages to target groups.

Task 6.3 Sharing, Training and Educational activities.

Riccardo Bocci (RSR) – riccardo.bocci@semirurali.net
Elisa Pizarro Caronell (APRI) – hablamos@asociacionaprisco.org