WP5 – Data Provisioning

Leader IPK, co-leader URJC. Other partners involved: JHI, CYBI, FOAG, UNIL, UCP, WUR, BCROP, CSIC.

  • Develop an infrastructure to manage and analyse genotypic and phenotypic data.

  • Improve the description, geno- and phenotypic characterisation and diversity of CWRs in reference genebank collections.

  • Empower users of plant genetic resources to identify material of interest with accuracy and precision.

Task 5.1 –  Development and monitoring of the COUSIN Data Management Plan.

Task 5.2 –  Provision and operation of the project data management platform.

Task 5.3 Consolidation of diversity, climate, land use, conservation and characterisation data.

Task 5.4 Implementation of the CWR database into a catalogue for plant genetic resources.

Stephan Weise (IPK) – weise@ipk-gatersleben.de
José Felipe Ortega Soto (URJC) – felipe.ortega@urjc.es