WP2 – Conservation

Leader FOAG, co-leader UNIL. Other partners involved: URJC, IPK, APRI, AUTH, UNICT, RSR, ITAB, ESSRG.

  • Evaluating the extent of the diversity of species, traits and phylogeny for relevant CWR taxa with a particular focus on agricultural land, protected areas, and habitat types hosting particularly valuable CWRs.
  • Establish five genetic reserves in underrepresented areas of the European network for in situ conservation of CWRs and facilitate the set-up of additional genetic reserves for in situ conservation via model-driven identification of priority areas (“hotspots”).
  • Promote the ex situ conservation of CWRs through identifying relevant priority CWR taxa and populations to be conserved in ex situ collections, and organizing 30 seed collecting missions in priority areas to feed valuable CWR germplasm into gene banks.
  • Improve coordination between in situ and ex situ conservation (trans situ) to maximise efficiency of the conservation and sustainable use of the CWR gene pools.

Task 2.1 Increasing the knowledge of the diversity, the threats and the conservation status of CWRs.

Task 2.2 – Efficient and targeted in situ conservation of priority CWRs.

Task 2.3 Participatory call to strengthen (distribution-driven) ex situ conservation of priority CWRs.

Task 2.4 Coordination of in situ and ex situ approaches in a trans situ conservation strategy.


Sylvain Aubry (FOAG) – sylvain.aubry@blw.admin.ch
Blaise Petitpierre (UNIL) – blaise.petitpierre@infoflora.ch