WP 1 – Participation & Co-Design

Leader ESSRG, co-leader EPSO.  Other partners involved: AUTH, EPSO, ESSRG, FOAG, NOS, RSR, URJC. And with the contributions of all partners.

  • Establishing a Stakeholder Advisory Group to support the efficient integration of social, economic and political aspects of CWRs throughout the project.
  • Implementation of a transdisciplinary research strategy through engagement with multiple actors in the COUSIN consortium and with regional stakeholder groups to provide guidance on how to integrate CWRs, policy recommendations and methodology development for decision support.

  • Policy recommendations, practitioner guidelines and a decision-making toolbox will be developed based on European knowledge base, policy gap analysis and environmental impact assessments.

Task 1.1 – Transdisciplinary strategy – engaging stakeholders through a cascading engagement strategy

Task 1.2 Identification of good practices, strategic guidelines for practitioners and establishing pathways to action

Task 1.3 Synthesis of existing and new findings and policy recommendations.

Task 1.4 Impact assessment on relevant international policies for development of decision-making toolbox.


Balazs Balint (ESSRG) – balazs.balint@essrg.hu
Karin Metzlaff (EPSO) – Karin.Metzlaff@epsomail.org